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At GeoMec Modelling, advanced geomechanics and numerical modelling is what we live for. Over the years, we have worked on some of the biggest and most challenging mining projects in the world, continuously pushing the boundaries of what numerical modelling can do to help our clients achieve their goals. We strive to always use state of the art modelling techniques to ensure our clients have the best information at their disposal to take informed decisions to improve the safety and productivity of their operation.

Our years of experience have taught us that the success of a project can only be achieved through good communication, efficient teamwork with our clients and transparency. That is why we favor site visits at the beginning of new projects, to get to know the team at site and the mine itself, schedule regular update meetings to ensure everyone agrees with the work being carried out as well as the objectives to attain and pride ourselves on always being transparent about the methods we use and the limitations that apply.  We also make a point to share our expertise and thoroughly explain the outcome of our analysis when delivering the results.  This helps our clients further their gemechanical knowledge and allow them to make informed decisions when new situations arise at site.


Our experts are ready to help you whether you need to assess potential risks related to your mining sequence, evaluate the effectiveness of your support design, assess slope stability, find the best approach to minimize seismic hazards or to help you face any other geomechanics related challenge you may encounter. Our years of experience and the wide gamut of projects we have worked on ensures that we are ready for whatever you may throw at us.


Contact us today to set up our first meeting. We will find the solution together!

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