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Numercial Modelling

Our Expertise

We have experience on all aspects of numerical modelling.  The following examples are a small sample of our expertise.  Let's optimize your mine together

Contact us for all your numerical modelling needs.

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Support Design/DFN Modelling

Support length and capacity assessment, comparison between different designs

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Open Pits/Slope Stability

Open pits of all sizes, discontinuum (structurally controlled failure) and continuum (rockmass failure) simulations

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Caveability, subsidence, cave growth, cave interaction, infrastructure stability (above and below ground) 

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Extraction Level Design

Design, stability assessment and support system design

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Underground Mining Sequence Assessment

Impact of mining on infrastructure stability, seismicity forecast, dilution, impact on operations, risk evaluation

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Hydroelectric Power Plant

Headrace tunnel design

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Open Pit/Underground Mine Interaction

Impact on slope stability and underground infrastructures

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Forecast and attenuation measures

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Infrastructure Stability

Crusher chamber, ventilation shafts, ramps, access drifts, etc.

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Strength/Stability assessment, backfilling sequence, types

Numerical Modeling: Projects
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